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Lily Pond

Location: Balboa Park, San Diego, California
Catalog Number: 1329

One of the great joys of spending my first 31 years in Chicago was the amount of time I was able to spend at the Art Institute of Chicago which has one of the finest collections in the world of art in general and French Impressionist painting in particular. So I grew up with Monet's lily ponds in and on my mind and have amassed an extensive collection of water lily images of my own. The "gold," "blue" and "black" lily pond prints were photographed on the same day in the same pond in front of the conservatory in Balboa Park in San Diego. After photographing midday, I returned at sunset finding that the white stucco of the conservatory turned to gold. I photographed its reflection (including an entryway that creates some unusual geometry) to get this "golden" pond image. If you look carefully, you can see a penny floating on a pad.

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