On-line fine art photography gallery<br>featuring the photographic art prints of noted Pacific Northwest photographer Allan Bruce Zee: unique<br>landscapes; abstract textures; oriental, architectural, and botanical motifs; international locales.
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Using this Site

Using this Site

Welcome to my on-line gallery. For those of you who are new to my work, I hope it will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the quality and breadth of my imagery. For those of you who are already familiar with my photography I trust it will be a useful way for you to conveniently peruse my portfolio, view and purchase my work and be able to share my photography with friends and colleagues.

There are 4 main ways to access and view images on this site.

Option I. Browsing the Image Galleries and Portfolios

1. Select one of the Image Galleries representing a major category of subject matter from the menu on the left side of the home page (for example, Oriental Motifs).

2. Having clicked on an Image Gallery, a page of small images will appear that gives a sampler of the various sub-categories or Portfolios within that Image Gallery.

3. You can view other Portfolios within this same Image Gallery by choosing from the menu to the left of the first image (for example, Japanese Gardens). You will then see another page of small images.

4. You can continue to go through all the Portfolios within that Gallery one at a time, or you can click on a different Image Gallery in the menu at the top right of the page (for example, International I). This will bring you to the sampler for that Image Gallery.

5. At any time you can click on a small image to go to an enlarged view of that particular photograph, which will also provide detailed information about the image and ordering information .

6. The underlined words above the title of the enlarged photograph show the path you took to get to that page and clicking on any of those words will get you back to your previous selections. Or, once again, you can go to a new Image Gallery by choosing from the menu at the top right of the page.

Option II. Finding a photograph through the "Site Map"

Click on the "Site Map" at the bottom of any page. This will show you at a glance all of the Image Galleries and the Portfolios within those Galleries. You can click on any selection to go directly to the sampler for an Image Gallery or a particular Portfolio within that major category.

Option III. Finding a photograph by using a keyword Search

1. There is a search box on the bottom left footer of each page. Type a word or words (for example, Black & White) and click the GO button. Note: If you type more than one word, the resulting photographs must match ALL the words.

2. You'll see a page of small images resulting from your search

3. If you get no small images, or you want different results, the Search Results page will encourage you to modify your search words or give you a link to contact us with your request.

Option IV. Finding a photograph by emailing your request

If you cannot find a subject you are looking for or would like to see companions to subjects you like, please email me at contact us with your request and I will let you know what I have available. Since I have printed over 2500 different images and have many thousands more slides that have yet to be printed, all of them cannot be accessible on this site. I will continue to add to the site as I add to my portfolio and get more requests for imagery.

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