On-line fine art photography gallery<br>featuring the photographic art prints of noted Pacific Northwest photographer Allan Bruce Zee: unique<br>landscapes; abstract textures; oriental, architectural, and botanical motifs; international locales.
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Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

My earliest memory goes back to when I was just 18 months old. I remember my brother lifting me up to our living room window to see a magnificent rainbow over Lake Michigan. I believe that at that moment, I was imprinted with a passion for color. In my photographic work over the years, I have enjoyed the challenge of finding "completed canvases" hidden within our day-to-day experience. Typically, we are bombarded by a multitude of color. I find that I am attracted to simpler color palettes. As a result, many of my images have a more painterly than photographic feel.

I try to accentuate the emotional impact of color and a simplicity of composition to invite the viewer to attend to deeper layers of meaning in the photograph. My goal is to "liberate" rather than "capture" the moment.

My work represents a broad range of imagery, mostly because there is a lot to which my eyes respond. While the subject matter is diverse, the painterly feel creates a stylistic unity. I can unabashedly say that I have no fear of beauty and look for it everywhere. Thank you for allowing me to share my vision with you.

Allan Bruce Zee

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